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"... The setting is gorgeous and tranquil which put me at ease straight away as I was very nervous to know that all was ok. Everything was fully explained and we didn't feel at all rushed..."


" I found the service fabulous - and all very reassuring in a lovely environment "

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Anomaly Scan

18 - 23 Weeks


This is a thorough scan performed between 18 and 23 weeks to check the structure of the baby. It can also reveal the sex if you wish to know.

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Viability Scan

6 -12 Weeks


Allows you to see and hear the baby’s heart beat for the first time and monitor the baby’s early development.


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11-14 week scan

11½ - 14 Weeks


This is a very detailed scan and blood test to assess the likelihood of common fetal abnormalities such as Down’s Syndrome


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Cervical Scan

22 - 24 Weeks


An assessment of the neck of the womb to check to see if you are at risk of going into labour too early.

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Wellbeing Scan

24 - 40 Weeks


This looks at the baby’s growth and checks that there is no sign that the baby is starting to struggle. It is usually carried out between 28 and 32 weeks.

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3D/4D Scan

24 - 32 Weeks


This scan is normally at 26 and 28 weeks, but can be attempted at 24 and 32 weeks. It gives you a fascinating glimpse of your baby before he or she is born.

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Gender Scan

17 - 36 Weeks


This is scan will tell you for sure whether you are having a boy or a girl and provide a quick check of your baby.


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Presentation Scan

36 - 40 Weeks


This provides an opportunity to check the position of your baby if there are concerns that he or she may be in a breech position.


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Harmony™ Prenatal Test

10 - 36 Weeks

The new non-invasive screening for Down's syndrome, identifying over 99% of cases with no risk to the baby.


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